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Social and business impact

La casa de Carlota is a professional design studio with an astonishing creative team composed of people with Down's Syndrome, autism and other special conditions who are working in an integrated and absolutely classic way with young design students, designers, artists and Art Directors.
People with Down's Syndrome, autism and other intellectual disabilities are used to unconsciously develop different approaches when coping with creative projects. Their way of thinking is not as rational and is different from mainstream logic. A way of understanding the world that is often forsaken.
Consequently, this might be seen as a disadvantage for various professional sectors, however it represents a big opportunity in the creative world of ideas, design and innovation. This allows our team to have brand new ideas which come straight from new ways of seeing things.

Our Model

This unique and special combination of very different but complementary talents allow us to offer our customers innovative, fresh and various design solutions for their products and services and this also allow La Casa de Carlota to become a benchmark for creative innovation and with a social impact in the world.


The laboratory of La Casa de Carlota

We have created an open and childlike nonprofit lab full of artistic ideas which only aims at seeing what happens when we let art express itself in all its different ways without any norms or cultural restrictions. People with intellectual disabilities and art students participate in these creative classes with professionals from the world of Art (photographers, illustrators, musicians, etc…)

The result is an artistic experience which modifies reality by creating imaginary worlds with an absolute plastic beauty. A very personal vision of art and no-art, which moves away from orthodox and traditional artistic boundaries.

La Casa de Carlota was founded in 2013 at Barcelona, Spain. We were selected by Forética as one of the best social projects in 2014, chosen as B.Corp thanks to its social work. Two of its works (concerning graphic design and visual communication) have been awarded in the international award Laus. In 2014 La Casa de Carlota was selected by The Aura Foundation as « Company with Aura » thanks to our contribution in job placement for people with disabilities.

We opened our second office in Medellin, Colombia since 2016.